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Fridolin Geisler

Zeiserl Reisen

The owner was and is still auto electrician and air brake designer. My main work is the repair of pneumatic and hydraulic Brakesystems. Info on: was born from the idea of coincidence with the prison bus. Those wanting to ride with an exceptional car is welcome.

Fridolin Geisler
Im Gewerbegebiet 7-9
92364 Deining
Phone: 09184-80 14 01
Fax 09184-80 14 02
Mobil: 0175-411 21 25

unser Bus

Not something you see every day! A prison bus. From the outside, original, expanded interior. Whether refrigerator, toilet, or stereo system, everything is on board. And those who know would have felt like a prisoner in transit, just take in one of the remaining cell space.

unser Bus

Tested and evaluated with fun factor of 100! Our Zellenbockl in a sample adventure. At the vintage car meeting, he drewed everyone's attention.