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Fridolin Geisler

Zeiserl Reisen

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Of course you can use our Zellenbockl not only for the trips planned for disposal. You can get it rented. For example, for stag parties, office parties, party cruises and more ...
Our all-purpose bus transports everything that is not forbidden. Rows of seats in part of or against the direction of travel.

Just send us an inquiry and we will clarify anything further with you. We look forward to your queries now!


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unser Bus

Not something you see every day! A prison bus. From the outside, original, expanded interior. Whether refrigerator, toilet, or stereo system, everything is on board. And those who know would have felt like a prisoner in transit, just take in one of the remaining cell space.

unser Bus

Tested and evaluated with fun factor of 100! Our Zellenbockl in a sample adventure. At the vintage car meeting, he drewed everyone's attention.